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inv◆estment in such man●ufacturing secto■rs as automobiles,■ shipping vessels an◆d aircraft w◆ill be promptly◆ implemented.The m◆echanism regardin●g qualified ov○erseas investors wil●l be expanded.

at 2.9 perc■ent, down

Th◆is will encourage ◆such investo●rs to partici○pate in futures● trading of cru■de oil and iron o●re and provide more● support to for■eign-invested fi◆nancial ins■titutions in ○underwriting lo○cal

from● the presen◆t

government 〓bonds."We must s○trive to preserve○ China's status as 〓a major desti○nation for● foreign investmen●t. Opening-up ○has driven China's r○eform endeav■ors in the pas◆t 40 years. Fo〓reign-i

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鰁ment said.Fu●rther tariff cuts ●will be benefic?/h3>

nvested ◆enterprises h●ave been a si●gnificant contri■butor to Chinese ex■ports. More importa■ntly, they h〓ave brought to ●China industrial and○ value chains a◆nd spurred◆ corporate refo●rm and inn■ovation," Li sai◆d.Foreign inves■tment in Chi〓na hit a new high ○of 877.56 bi〓llion yuan ($136.7● billion) in 2017, u◆p by 7.9 percent ye■ar-on-year, accor○ding to the Minis■try of Commerce●.It was also deci〓ded at the meet●ing that investme●nt facilitation wil◆l be enhan●ced based on interna○tional stand〓ards. The nega●tive list in the 〓market access o●f foreign investor●s will be revised○ and released befor◆e July 1.Pr〓ovincial gov●ernments will be gi●ven the authori◆ty to set up or a●lter the business〓es of forei●gn-invested enterp◆rises with〓 total investment〓 of $1 billion ◆or less. Filin○g requirements◆ in the pilot prog◆ram will be r●elaxed to ◆give eligible ◆multinatio●nal companies gre●ater flexibili■ty in managing t●heir foreign curren〓cy capital〓 in China.Perm●itting procedures■ for foreign ●talent will be sim●plified, and elig○ible foreign○ employees h◆ired by enterp■ri

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ses regi●stered in C◆hina will get wo■rk visas wit■hin two workdays.Li■ called for a sen◆se of urgency● in attract●ing foreig◆n investment, ■including bigge●r steps in ○expanding opening■-up and tackling p◆rotectioni

sm.It a●lso was decided ◆that the le■gitimate inte●rests of fore●ign investors● will be better pro●tected. All infring◆ements, cou◆nterfeiting, viola●tions of comme■rcial secrets an●d "trademark squa〓tting" will be se

blic demand, ?/a> st.
r-frie●ndly measu●res and widen ma■rket access.Com◆mitments ma●de to canc■el or ease restric●tions on foreign
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